General Information

What is Photonics?

Photonics is defined as a field of science and technology that includes the production of light, its propagation in different environments, the modification or processing of the properties such as the intensity and color of the light, and its measurement. The control of the photon, which is the quantum unit of light, is the main subject of photonics. Technological devices or systems that develop with the movement of photons describe "Photonic technology".

Who is a photonics expert?

Photonics specialist deals with photonics, which is the science of light. They graduate from an interdisciplinary department, which has knowledge in fields such as physics, mathematics, geometry, and actually consists of a mixture of many different programs from electrical-electronics to communications, from materials science to machinery, from computer programming to medicine.

What are the Career Opportunities for Our Graduates?

The Department of Photonics offers a program that combines education, application and research. It is aimed that our graduates are equipped with the basic knowledge in photonics as well as having information about the latest developments in the profession and have the ability to reason and produce solutions on their own. The department aims to train qualified manpower to meet the demands of the photonics industry and to increase social benefit. 

Our education program is planned in line with the applied optical-photonics industry and aimed at  development with an innovation focus. Our students have the opportunity to conduct research and to establish cooperation with the industry owing to applied training and industry internships they will take at the Photonics Application and Research Center, which is a world-class research center. These opportunities are unique in our students' career planning.

In addition, new horizons are opened to the careers of our students as the young entrepreneurs of the future, thanks to the gains in applied photonics education and the entrepreneurship training they will receive at the Technology Transfer Office Incubation Center of our university. Individuals with advanced training in optical-photonics science and engineering are in greater demand today than ever before. Photonic technologies play a key role in all areas where light is used, ranging from defense systems to health. There are more jobs and interesting technical positions available for photonics graduates in both the public sector and industry.


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