About The Department

Our department named Gazi UBF-Photonics is the first department established in the Faculty of Applied Sciences with  decision of the Council of Higher Education  dated 20.05.2020.

Although our department was established in 2020, our academic staff of the department started its education and research activities within the scope of photonic technologies in Gazi University Photonics Application and Research Center-GAZI PHOTONICS in 2001 and still continues these studies.

Our researchers carry out many projects that contribute to the technological product development of the industry within the scope of photonic Technologies in the global photonics industries. Our students working in these projects can easily find job opportunities in the relevant sectors.

Students who prefer our department have the chance to take part in projects carried out at GAZI PHOTONICS. In this way, we aim to train our students as "Photonics Professionals" who have gained the qualification of individuals are experts in photonic technologies at the end of their undergraduate education.

In addition, our curriculum has been created taking into account the needs of the industry and it is aimed to train in direct interaction with the industry during education of our students. For this purpose, it will be ensured that some of our applied courses are given by researchers working in industrial R&D centers.


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